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Pharmaceutical forms:
Coated scored tablets 500 mg, box of 14
Indications :
Antibiotic of the family of quinolones. It is used in the treatment of diverse infectious diseases caused by sensitive germs, notably genital infections with gonococcus at the man, urinary, intestinal infections, bones and articulations, certain infections of the respiratory tract and certain secondary infections of bronchi at the fragile persons.


Pharmaceutical forms:
Scored tablets 4 mg, box of 30
Indications :
This medicine is used in:
- Symptomatic treatment of the acute or chronic allergic manifestations - Adjuvant symptomatic treatment of the skin pruritus
- Stimulation of the appetite in patients presenting a decrease of the appetite accompanied with a loss of weight.

Pharmaceutical forms:
Coated tablets 250 mg, box of 14
Indications :
Clarithromycin is a macrolide antibiotic used to treat infections caused by certain bacteria that may cause some throat infections, sinus infections, lung infections and skin infections. It is also used in combination with other medications to kill H. Pylori, bacteria known to cause ulcers in the digestive tract.


Pharmaceutical forms:
- Coated tablets 150mg/12.5, box of 28
- Coated tablets 300mg/12.5, box of 28
Indications :
Treatment of essential hypertension. This fixed dose combination is indicated in adult patients whose blood pressure is not adequately controlled on Irbesartan or Hydrochlorothiazide alone

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